Greta Van Fleet Calls Sam Kiszka ‘Former Bandmate’ In A Recent Parody Video About Danny Wagner

Greta Van Fleet shared a parody video in which the band’s drummer Danny Wagner pretended to be a golf instructor, and Sam Kiszka wanted him to go back on Youtube. The band’s calling Kiszka ‘former bandmate’ drew the great attention of their fans.

As you may know, Greta Van Fleet released a parody video entitled ‘Chip Bunker Teaches the Art of Golf’ on October 15. In the video, the band’s drummer Danny Wagner acted like a golf instructor and revealed that he left his professional musical career to become a golf player.

Then, Danny Wagner defined golf as the greatest passion and interest in his life instead of music. Therefore Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka tried to reach Wagner by saying, ‘The band needs you back’ and his title was ‘the former bandmate’ as if Wagner had actually left the band. In a short time, the video was viewed by thousands of people and mentioned on different social media accounts.

After the release of the parody video, Greta Van Fleet fans reflected their appreciation for Wagner’s performance as a golf player and instructor, saying that he is better than Tiger Woods, and they became interested in golf too, thanks to that video. Even some of them believed that he is no longer a Greta Van Fleet member so they got very sad and surprised.

Here’s what the band wrote in the video:

“Seriously. This isn’t fun anymore. The band needs you back.

Sam Kiszka

Former bandmate

Greta Van Fleet.”

A fan’s comment read:

“When he said ‘That’s why I left music to become a professional golfer,’ I swear my heart just stopped for a second.

Another one added:

Tiger Woods has been real quiet since this came out.”

You can watch the video below.