Graham Nash Says He And David Crosby Had A Special Relationship

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young icon Graham Nash recently talked about his relationship with David Crosby. The musician reflected on their status, especially after the band’s breakup, and stated that it was ‘special.’

The supergroup was formed in 1968 and initially stayed together for two years later to reunite a couple of times. The band became more prominent than the individuals, which makes them one of the few supergroups that surpassed the careers of the members’ solo careers.

After disbanding briefly in 1970, Graham Nash and David Crosby came together in the same year to release the album ‘Graham Nash David Crosby.’ The record was a tribute to their relationship together as close friends. Graham Nash recently spoke about this relationship and how it led to creating the album.

He stated that he and David had a ‘vocal blend’ that they thought was interesting enough to put out there. They jammed together with guitars and decided to ‘celebrate’ this sync. He also stated that Stephen Stills and Neil Young also had this relationship in the supergroup, so there wasn’t anyone left out.

Here is what he stated about his relationship with David Crosby:

“Me and Crosby realized really early on in these relationships that he and I had a special relationship the same way Stephen and Neil had a special relationship. Theirs was built on a love of guitar playing and interplay. David and I knew we had a vocal blend.

We had something interesting to present to people. We would go out with a couple of acoustic guitars and play for two and a half hours, and it was great. So we knew we had something special. And we knew we had to celebrate that relationship by making an album. And that’s what we did.”

‘Graham Nash David Crosby,’ released in 1972, became a massive phenomenon for the fans. The album peaked at number 4 on Billboard 200 and received gold certifications. It included the singles ‘Southbound Train’ and ‘Immigration Man,’ and the latter peaked at number 36 on Billboard Hot 100.