Graham Nash Explains The Injustice Behind His Father’s Prison Sentence

Graham Nash joined BBC’s Desert Island Discs to talk about the life-changing moment of his father getting arrested. The criminal charges were related to the gift he gave to Graham on his 10th birthday. Nash recalled the camera his father bought him without realizing it was actually stolen. Former CSNY member explained:

“He gave me a little small Agfa camera [with] tiny little bellows and stuff. But then the police came to the door. That was shocking. And they told my father that the camera that he had bought from his friend at work – that he gave to me – had been stolen. And who was it that sold him the camera? My father would not tell them, and they put him in jail for a year.”

Nash’s father passed away at the age of 47, which the musician thought was related to the shame he felt after his incarceration. Apparently, his father’s tragic story ignited Graham’s desire to fight against injustice. He continued:

“I think he was feeling a lot of shame, feeling that he had let his family down, feeling that his life was never going to be the same – and in fact it wasn’t. It did affect me as a person. I’ve always appreciated the underdog, and I’ve always rooted for the team that’s not supposed to win but does. I hate injustice – my passion against injustice comes from what happened to my father.”

Graham Nash Has Been On The Side Of Underdog

Following Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that resulted in many migrant families’ separation from each other, musicians announced ‘The Lantern Tour: Concerts for Migrant and Refugee Families’ to help end their struggle. Graham Nash was one of the artists who joined the campaign, who has a long history of activism. Prior to the event in 2018, Nash talked to Billboard and explained:

“In my heart, and as a father, the thought that children of any age are being separated from their parents or guardians under great emotional stress, panic, and fear is abhorrent to me. We are better than this, and we must stand up against this sad affair.”

Nash’s desire to fight against injustice seems to be rooted in his father’s experiences. He still continues to use his use his platform to fight for who can not voice their struggles.