Glenn Hughes Remembers The Moment He And Ritchie Blackmore ‘Fell In Love’

Apart from just being bandmates within Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes recently sat down with Z-Rock and shared the synergy that he had with Ritchie Blackmore that turned into love. Glenn explained:

“When I joined the band, Ritchie [Blackmore] and I flew to Hamburg, just he and I, no assistance, no bodyguards, no girls, just the two men, me and him, for three days. We didn’t sleep, talked for three days, and fell in love with each other when we were together alone; we were great, so understand that Ritchie and I had a really great time together.”

After that three-day trip, the band was back in business, and Glenn shared that although his relationship was good with Blackmore, it was better when it was just the two of them. He added:

“Then the band started working. I didn’t see much of Ritchie after that because he liked to be alone with me, but when we were alone, we were great, and when we were in the band, it was okay, but he and I together alone was fantastic. So please remember, although Ritchie may have been difficult and strange and silly but beautiful, he’s an amazing guitar player; when Ritchie is alone with you and gives you all of his time, he is great.”

Glenn even told the story of when Ritchie played a Deep Purple song just for him in an interview with Hardline Magazine last year. Blackmore invited Glenn to his house in 1973, one of those times it was just the two of them, and played him ‘Mistreated,’ which later became part of the band’s debut record with David Coverdale on their 1974 album ‘Burn.’

You can listen to Glenn Hughes’ interview with Z-Rock and ‘Mistreated’ below.