Glenn Hughes On Ritchie Blackmore’s Seclusion

Glenn Hughes recently chatted with Sonic Perspectives and delved deep into his friendship with Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, and David Coverdale while also recalling Deep Purple’s induction into the Rock Hall of Fame in 2016.

Before diving into Ritchie’s secluded lifestyle, Hughes was first asked whether he was still in contact with Blackmore or Paice, and the bassist didn’t need to think twice before answering:

“No, I mean, I haven’t seen Ritchie in a long time. I spoke to his mom, his mother-in-law a few times. Ritchie’s, you know, he doesn’t go out unless he’s playing with his bands. We’re friends, we’re friendly, but we haven’t seen each other… I haven’t seen Ian Paice since the Hall of Fame in 2016 but David [Coverdale] and I are very close.”

He then continued by recalling how Ritchie didn’t even bother to attend Deep Purple’s Hall of Fame induction when the host asked whether he and Coverdale had expected to perform together with the original lineup for a few tracks:

“No, David and I were there, we never expected to play. Ritchie wasn’t even there. It was a strange evening. David and I were there. We had a lot of fun. It was great for David and we’re such good friends. I’m so glad Deep Purple got inducted and I’m so glad that David and I were included. It was a beautiful evening.”

Although Hughes called their Hall of Fame induction ‘a beautiful evening,’ he seemed to have different feelings a few years ago. The bassist had previously discussed in 2016 why he didn’t feel at ease while sharing the stage with Ian Gillan and co., feeling left out as his rivalry with Ian seemed to have gotten in his way to enjoy the moment.

However, when it came to Ritchie’s case, it seemed that his absence from the ceremony wasn’t simply due to his secluded nature but because, according to his claims, the Deep Purple management and members got in the way of his attendance.