Glenn Hughes Compares Ritchie Blackmore To Tony Iommi

Glenn Hughes has worked with both Ritchie Blackmore and Tony Iommi. So when the guitarist was asked in a recent interview with THAT Rocks which musician and collaboration he favored, Hughes compared the rockers and replied:

 “Take the friendships aside I’ve known Tony [Iommi] longer than I’ve known Ritchie [Blackmore]. I know Tony since 1970 close friends we are from the Black country where Tony is from. Look let’s talk seriously here, Blackmore early 70s early, 70 to 76 if I may be was absolutely criminally unbelievably amazing.”

Regarding Blackmore, Glenn had shared the story of when Ritchie played an exclusive Deep Purple song just for him in an interview with Hardline Magazine last year. Apparently, Blackmore invited Glenn to his house in 1973, and played him ‘Mistreated,’ which later became part of the band’s 1974 debut record ‘Burn’ with David Coverdale.

Although Glenn still plays tracks from ‘Burn’ when he tours, the guitarist also mentioned during the interview that his collaboration with Iommi holds a special place. He expressed:

“I think Tony has always been the rift king and will continue to be and he’s kept a good clear vibe all the way through. It’s a tough decision for me. I think those albums made with Deep Purple or well you tell me I mean that they’re wonderful pieces of work but the stuff I made with Tony especially ‘Fused’ that’s one of my fave albums this is a tough one.”

You can watch Glenn Hughes’ interview with THAT Rocks and listen to ‘Fused’ below.