Gilby Clarke Says He Still Doesn’t Know If Axl Rose Was The One Who Fired Him From Guns N’ Roses

During an interview with Sheldon Ang, Guns N’ Roses former guitarist, Gilby Clarke recalled the times when he was playing for the iconic rock band Guns N’ Roses and stated that he isn’t still sure about whether the band’s lead vocalist, Axl Rose fired him or not.

As you might remember, Gilby Clarke joined Guns N’ Roses during the Use Your Illusion Tour to replace Izzy Stadlin as the rhythm guitarist in 1991. He played for the band for three years until he was fired from the band. After GNR lead guitarist Slash said that Axl didn’t want Clarke in the band, he couldn’t get any payment. But he wasn’t officially fired by Axl Rose or anyone actually.

During a recent interview with Ang, Gilby Clarke stated that being the guitarist of a legendary rock band like Guns N’ Roses was an amazing experience for him. Even though he always knew that Slash and Axl Rose were the stars of the band, Clarke thought that he did his best and learned a lot while he was working with them. He also stated that he is still friends with Axl Rose who sends him notes from time to time.

When the interviewer asked Clarke whether he was actually fired from the band or not, he indicated that the only one who knows the truth about what happened back then was is Axl Rose since Gilby only heard that Axl didn’t want him in the band from Slash. Since then, he didn’t receive any payment and wasn’t the guitarist of GNR anymore. Clarke also added that the only way that can solve this mystery was a statement from Rose himself.

Here’s what Gilby Clarke said:

“But it’s also because when I got the gig, I was 30 years old, I had already been through the winger man, I knew what it’s like to play a shitty club in front of three people. So when I got that gig, I appreciated what was special and unique about that gig.

I’ll always be friends with Axl, absolutely. I haven’t talked to him in a long time but he still sends notes every now and then. We’ll never know the answer to that question, there’s only one person that knows, Axl. Until we ask him, I have no idea what happened.

You can watch the interview below.