Gene Simmons Refuses To Backstab Paul Stanley

Gene Simmons recently joined Piers Morgan Uncensored as a guest and revealed that he would never betray his bandmate, Paul Stanley, even if they had disagreements.

When the host asked the bassist his feelings about their ongoing farewell tour, he replied by saying:

“I really feel proud. The best part was when I ran into my buddy Paul Stanley. We continue to have this astonishing relationship, and I’ve always been so sad when [John] Lennon and [Paul] McCartney and [Mick] Jagger and [Keith] Richards started backbiting. I mean, even Cain and Abel didn’t get along so well.”

Simmons elaborated on his bond with Stanley, explaining:

“It was always so sad to me, but Paul and I have this resilient sort of brother I never had kind of a thing. And we don’t agree on very much at all, but there’s an abiding admiration and respect for the talent that he has that I will never have, and hopefully, the piece of the puzzle that I bring to it that he doesn’t have.”

When Morgan emphasized the chemistry between the pair, the musician agreed, responding:

“It works. You don’t know everything, and I don’t, and when you meet somebody that’s a kindred spirit, you can run and be bigger than you ever were.”

Gene then went back to their final concert tour, saying:

“At any rate, to cut to the chase, all good things have to come to an end, and you have to have the self-respect, pride, and the love of the fans to know when the hell it’s time to get off that stage.”

In a question-and-answer session with fans last year, Paul also reflected on their friendship, saying that he considered Simmons to be like family and a brother. Stanley also said during the same chat that although some behaviors of the bassist used to annoy him, the singer learned to resolve his personal conflicts with Gene over time.

You can watch the full conversation below.