Gene Simmons Believes John Lennon Surpassed Paul McCartney In One Respect

A short interview with Gene Simmons of Kiss was released by Podcast Rock City, which was recorded last year but shared just recently. In the chat, when Simmons was asked who his favorite Beatles member was, the bassist also revealed how John Lennon surpassed his bandmate Paul McCartney in one respect. Gene said:

“[Picking my] favorite Beatle? Depends. I don’t mean the thing I’m wearing right now. The one with the straw in it. Lennon for depth, lyrical poetry. McCartney for melody.”

Following the question and his answer regarding how he felt that John surpassed Paul in songwriting, the KISS bassist was then asked about his favorite album of the band. He replied:

“Oh, my God. Every single [The Beatles] album.”

It’s clear that the bassist not only has an admiration for the band, but they also played a significant role in inspiring him to learn and play the bass. During an interview with Far Out Magazine in March, he shared how he was affected by the band. He told:

“When I was a kid, I was affected by the Beatles – like a religious event, like a singularity. I wasn’t a musician. I was just a kid. Turn on the TV, and the Beatles came out: ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ I’m going, ‘What is that? What accent is that?’ And they look like girls, and they’re small human beings with silly haircuts.”

Simmons then revealed how he learned to play bass:

“I taught myself how to play, and the first instrument was an SG Standard Gibson guitar, second-hand. My mother bought it for about 50 bucks. My 14-year-old fingers bled because I couldn’t make the strings go down. And then I switched to bass because Paul McCartney played a Hofner bass, and my mother bought me a Japanese knockoff.”

During the same interview, he confessed that Kiss drew inspiration from The Beatles in their early days and stated that they wanted to see themselves as The Beatles on steroids.

See the short interview below.