Geddy Lee Says He Reflected On The Loss Of Neil Peart During The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show

Rush icon Geddy Lee recently shared a post on his official Instagram account to comment on the tribute concert in memory of Taylor Hawkins. The bassist said that it reminded him of the loss of his former bandmate Neil Peart.

The legendary drummer Neil Peart, who served in Rush for over four decades, passed away on January 7, 2020, at age 67, after losing his battle with brain cancer. Due to his health issues, Peart had already retired from touring with the band in 2015. Following his retirement, the remaining Rush members soon announced their disbandment since they didn’t want to continue without Peart.

After the drummer’s death, his surviving former bandmates, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, reflected on the devastating effect of losing him in several interviews. Foo Fighters also experienced the same pain recently when their talented drummer Taylor Hawkins died unexpectedly in March 2022. In the recent Taylor Hawkins tribute concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson performed some Rush classics along with many other notable names.

In a new Instagram post, Geddy shared his thoughts and feelings about participating in the special event. The bassist explained that he was highly honored to participate in the show and share the stage with incredible musicians. Lee also said that he deeply understands the enduring pain that the Foo Fighters members and the Hawkins family still feel. The concert was valuable also for another reason; it made him and Lifeson think about the loss of their former bandmate and close friend, Neil Peart.

Geddy Lee’s said the following about the Taylor Hawkins tribute show:

“So that happened! What a week it was in London. An incredible gathering of diverse and brilliant musicians from so many branches of the tree of rock and roll. Bonded by a single goal, to honor Taylor Hawkins. Led by the immeasurable talents and generous soul of ‘Super’ Dave Grohl, who wrapped us all in the welcoming warmth of the Foo’s and Hawkins’ family, despite the obvious pain that they are understandably still enduring.

And for Alex and myself, it was also an important moment to reflect on the loss of our own brother Neil. Truly an experience I shall never forget. Looking forward to the LA tribute on September 27.”

You can check out the photos he posted from the concert below.

Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram