Fuel’s Carl Bell Recalls Being Slash’s Concierge In Las Vegas

Fuel guitarist Carl Bell recently joined Appetite For Distortion for an interview and remembered when he felt like Duff McKagan and Slash‘s concierge back in Las Vegas.

In 2020, founding member and primary songwriter Carl Bell decided to rejoin Fuel. After his return to the band, they released the 6th full-length album titled ‘Ånomåly’ on October 22, 2021. Since the album’s release, the band has been performing various shows in the US and more to come with names like KISS, Mammoth WVH, and Five Finger Death Punch.

Carl Bell recently spoke to Appetite For Distortion about the band’s latest album. At some point during the conversation, Bell remembered when he spent some time with Duff McKagan and Slash. Bell stated it was nice meeting Guns N’ Roses, especially Duff McKagan, who was so lovely to him.

He then described the band members as the nicest people who deserve to have an attitude. After that, Bell recalled spending time with McKagan and Slash in Las Vegas. The musician was in a limousine with McKagan and Slash and acted like their concierge to help them enjoy their time there.

Bell said he led them to the back doors of the places so that the overwhelming attention of people wouldn’t stress them out. Moreover, the guitarist stated he knows GN’R can get anywhere they want, but he showed them the less obvious route, although they didn’t need his help. Bell again praised the band members by describing them as fantastic and super friendly guys.

During the conversation, Carl Bell said the following:

“Duff is so nice. When I met these guys, I thought if anybody on the planet could have an attitude, you would let them have an attitude. Do you know what I mean? Some people got an attitude, but you don’t back it up. But Guns N’ Roses, when I met them, were super-nice, just the nicest dudes. So, it was so nice to meet those guys.

But the other time they were in Vegas, I think he and Slash were in Vegas, and I was in the limo with him. At that time, I was running around Vegas more than I do now. I was saying, ‘Hey, go to the back door of this place,’ I was kind of their concierge or something for a while. We were hanging out.”

He then continued:

“It was me, Slash, Duff, and some other guys. I can’t remember who else. But I would say, ‘Hey, go to the back, I’ll get you in the back; that way, you wouldn’t be fussed with.’ Not that Guns N’ Roses couldn’t get anywhere they ever wanted.

Obviously, they didn’t need my help, but I would get them in this little less obvious route so they could get in and not be hassled with. Again, Slash is fantastic. Duff is fantastic. Just nice, just super nice guys. So much respect for them for that.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.