Former Buffalo Springfield Bandmate Says Neil Young Was Utterly Selfish

The Buffalo Springfield co-founder Richie Furay recently spoke to Classic Album Review and described Neil Young as entirely selfish.

When asked if the fraught relationship between Stephen Stills and Young had an impact on the death of Buffalo Springfield, the musician explained:

“I don’t think there was a problem there. Again, I think it was manufactured and created. I mean, I don’t think Neil ever wanted to really be a part of a band situation, to tell you the truth. I think he was looking at every group he was in as a stepping stone to maybe having a solo career.”

He also recalled Neil’s behavior during the reunion, saying:

“And I mean, that’s the way it was with him all along, even when we did the reunion back in 2010. He was only around for a certain amount of time, and when we did Bonnaroo, he was gone.”

Furay again went back to his opinion on the feud between his two former bandmates and expressed:

“It’s just something you learned to live with, but as someone close to him, I can attest that trying to pit Stephen against Neil and Neil against Stephen, nah, I don’t think that’s true.”

In an interview with Uncut, the singer again reflected on the relationship between Neil and Stephen and explained that although people looked for scandalous details to create a sense of drama, the two musicians had ‘mutual respect’ for each other. He said:

“There was nothing more or less than mutual respect for each other. Everyone’s looking for a story or some dirt to dig up to give intrigue to a situation, especially when it seems to explode in your face. These [Neil Young and Stephen Stills] were two very talented guys, and no matter what band your talking about, there will be differences of opinion during the creative process.”

You can watch the full interview below.