Foreigner Is Not Retiring After The Farewell Tour, Jeff Pilson Confirms

Foreigner’s bassist Jeff Pilson clarified in a recent discussion with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio that the band’s ongoing farewell tour doesn’t signal the end of their musical journey.

As Foreigner’s farewell tour continues, Pilson reflected on what the tour signifies for the band. Beginning in July 2023 at Atlanta’s Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, the tour marks the end of Foreigner’s exhaustive touring schedule, not their final goodbye to music. Pilson emphasized:

“This is year two of the farewell tour, yes. And it doesn’t mean we’re going away. It just means this is the end of the nine-months-on-the-road kind of touring. So that’s why it’s a farewell tour. I mean, we’ll still be there.”

Wrapping Up Music Projects

Detailing the band’s future projects and possible performances beyond the tour’s conclusion, he continued:

“There’s some unfinished music we’d love to finish up, if possible, and perhaps we’ll do other shows; we’re kind of working on that now. But yes, this is the last time we’re out there for the long tour, which it’s bittersweet. I’m gonna miss it in some ways, but [I’ll] be happy not to have to do the traveling [Laughs].”

Changing Lifestyles And Future Plans

The decision to step back from relentless touring stems from the band’s desire for a different lifestyle. Pilson, speaking to Bass Musician Magazine’s Raul Amador last month, highlighted the toll that constant travel has taken on their personal lives, explaining:

“It’s traveling. It’s family. It’s all that stuff combined. We’re not that young, so there is all that. And basically, we wanna have a life; it would be nice to have more of a life. I mean, my daughter is in college now. I’ve missed a lot of stuff with her, and so I wouldn’t mind going home and spending a little more time in my studio ’cause, boy, do I love to record in my studio.”

The farewell tour started in 2023 and will end in 2024 with several concerts, including performances with the band Styx. There’s also a special series of shows called ‘Feels Like The Last Time Farewell Tour’ happening at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas.

You can watch Pilson’s latest chat below.