Foo Fighters Announce Their Stage Manager Andy Pollard Has Passed Away

Rock band Foo Fighters has recently made an announcement on Twitter that they are mourning the loss of their long-time stage manager Andy Pollard who died on the morning of June 18.

It has been known that the band will be performing in their new US tour this summer which will mark their first full-capacity concert since their 25th-anniversary tour was canceled before the pandemic. They are also working on a new disco album which will be released next month featuring Bee Gees covers under the alias of Dee Gees. The renowned rock band is going to play at Madison Square Garden on June 20 as the first band to perform there since March 2020, after almost 500 days.

Moreover, in the tweet, Foo Fighters mentioned that The Madison Square gig is going to be dedicated to Andy Pollard who worked as their stage manager for over 12 years and died the morning of June 18. The band then stated that they are shocked and devastated by his loss and that they cannot imagine performing without him by their side. They added that he was a key member of their team along with being a friend and a wonderful father. They ended their announcement by expressing their condolences to his family and loved ones.

The band commented:

“We are shocked and devastated by this loss. We can’t imagine being onstage without Andy there by our side. He was not only a key member of our team but a dear friend and a wonderful father. Our hearts go out fo his partner Sophie Peacock, their children Arlo and Ren, and his family and loved ones.”

The tweet the band shared is below.