Felix Cavaliere Gives An Update On Rascals’ Gene Cornish After His On-Stage Collapse


Rascals’ Felix Cavaliere recently spoke to Rock History Music and updated the fans about Gene Cornish‘s current health status after he had a heart attack on stage.

After their split, all four members of The Rascals reunited on April 24, 2010, for the Kristen Ann Carr benefit concert. Two years later, in December 2012, Gene Cornish got together with his bandmates at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York. This show was followed by six shows on December 12 and fifteen dates between April 15 and May 5, 2013.

Their production ‘The Rascals: Once Upon A Dream,’ a combination concert/theatrical event, toured North America. Moreover, it was produced by well-known Rascals fans Steven Van Zandt and his wife, Maureen. After that, Cornish began touring in a group named Felix Cavaliere & Gene Cornish’s Rascals, with the drummer Carmine Appice.

During a show on September 7, 2018, a shocking incident happened. While performing at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings, Montana, Cornish collapsed on stage due to a heart attack. He was revived after a defibrillator and CPR were administered, and doctors implanted a pacemaker to correct his condition. Later on, Cornish entered a recovery phase.

In a recent interview with Rock History Music, Cornish’s bandmate Felix Cavaliere updated fans about the guitarist’s health condition. He stated that Cornish had a tough time and is both okay and not okay. Cavaliere then jokingly said Cornish is a Yankee fan and is thrilled because they are doing well this year.

Here is what Felix Cavaliere said about Gene Cornish’s well-being:

“He’s had a tough time. He’s okay, but he’s not okay. I mean, he had a heart attack on the road, on stage. The good thing is that he’s a perennial Yankee fan, and the Yankees happen to be doing well this year. So, he’s really happy.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.