Fatboy Slim Says Paul McCartney Once Told Him To ‘Leave The Country’

Fatboy Slim recently joined NME for a quiz to reveal how many things he can remember about his music career. After one of the questions, the musician recalled when Paul McCartney advised him to leave the country.

On July 13, 2002, Fatboy Slim performed on Brighton Beach for the second of his free open-air shows. Although around 60,000 people were expected to attend, the event attracted about 250,000. Local police then forced the event to end before something terrible happened. However, one person died, and the police couldn’t prevent the overcrowding.

After the show, many were caught in traffic jams, and the Brighton area struggled with major traffic congestion. Apart from one attendee who died, over 100 were injured, and several others who were unconscious were rescued from the seashore. Besides, police banned Fatboy Slim from playing in Brighton. As it turns out, Paul McCartney gave Slim some advice after this tragic event.

At the time of the Brighton concert, Paul McCartney was Fatboy Slim’s next-door neighbor. Speaking to NME, the musician said the Beatle advised him to leave the country after the Brighton tragedy. According to Slim, McCartney also told him he would do the same if he felt under a lot of stress. After sharing this anecdote, Slim recalled how it was to have McCartney as his neighbor.

Fatboy Slim revealed that he was a huge Beatles fan, so it was exciting and bizarre to have Paul McCartney living next door. As the musician said, McCartney would sometimes come to his house to have a cup of coffee, and Fatboy Slim would start singing the Beatles’ classic ‘Hey Jude’ in his head. Moreover, he admitted that he saw McCartney as the father he always wanted.

Here is what Fatboy Slim told NME about Paul McCartney:

He told me to leave the country – that’s what he’d do when things got on top of him. It’s always bizarre to have Paul McCartney as a neighbor, especially if you’re a Beatles fan like me. Whenever he’d walk through the back door saying: ‘Only me! Just popped in for a cuppa!’ I’d be singing ‘Hey Jude’ in my head the whole way through! He’s a lovely man, and like the dad I always wanted.

Apparently, Paul McCartney believed that leaving the country would make things better when pressure started increasing. As a result, he advised Fatboy Slim to do the same after the tragic Brighton incident.