Ex-Metallica Bassist Recalls James Hetfield’s Wild Dare

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently shared how James Hetfield dared him during a band practice in 1985 on X.

When a user tweeted an old video showing Metallica rocking on stage to ‘Ride the Lightning’ at a festival in California, McGovney stated how he was also at the show, saying:

“I was there… I listened to part of band practice the night.”

He then shared how a 22-year-old James Hetfield dared him:

“[I] Drank Jagermeister for the first time after James dared me. A good night turned into a bad night rather quickly.”

Although it’s been 37 years since Metallica’s gig at Day on the Green festival, the band is still going strong as they are currently on tour all throughout the U.S.A. Their next show is scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona on September 3.

Their early catalog also made a comeback to the mainstream scene through ‘Stranger Things’ usage of ‘Master of Puppets;’ though, it seemed that Metallica members had mixed feelings about the hit Netflix show.

You can check out here to see why Hetfield found it ‘bizarre‘ that the show had such a huge impact on their track and why Lars Ulrich thought they’d made a ‘cynical‘ decision by letting the show use their music.

You can view McGovney’s tweet below.