Ex-Guns N’ Roses Drummer Recalls When Keith Richards Slammed Axl Rose

Matt Sorum attended RT Sound Cloud channel and talked about his latest book ‘Double Talking Jive.’ Guns N’ Roses’ ex-drummer also shared some of his memories and mentioned how The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards made a sarcastic remark to slam Axl Rose.

Whether you are familiar with Guns N’ Roses or not, you might have heard that Axl Rose is often late for a show, meeting, or and event. The singer has developed a reputation throughout the years that made everyone around him get used to his tardiness. However, not everyone has the same level of tolerance.

In the interview, Matt Sorum recalled when Axl Rose received a sarcastic comment from Keith Richards that made him look bad in front of the people who were there. The singer was late to a meeting with the Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards, being as filterless as he could be, asked Rose to tell him his excuse for being late as he was on time even though he slept in a chandelier.

Here is how Sorum told the story:

“Very funny story; Axl shows up late to sitting with the Stones. I believe it was at the call CM or something. He was a little bit late, Keith Richards walks up to him and says, ‘I slept in a chandelier last night, and I’m here on time, what’s your excuse?‘ If you’re going to be in a rock and roll band, the least you can do is get here by 9:00 P.M.”

Keith Richards is also one of those rockstars with a reputation for holding irresponsible and wild parties after the shows. It is no surprise to hear that he had slept in a ‘chandelier’ the day before. Regardless, he still got to the gathering on time, unlike Axl Rose.