Ex-AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Says Angus Young Is A ‘Recluse’

Original AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans spoke to Paraguay’s ABC TV and opened up about his current relationship with the band’s co-founder Angus Young. The musician also drew attention to the common characteristics of him and Young while communicating with people around them.

AC/DC’s first lineup consisted of bassist Larry Van Kriedt, vocalist Dave Evans, drummer Colin Burgess, and the Young brothers. However, they couldn’t become longtime members because of personal and creative differences that occurred in time. Evans could only stay in the band for a year until they decided to hire Bon Scott to replace him. Even though the reasons behind his departure are unknown, it’s claimed that the lack of charisma for a frontman was one of them.

The band became more and more famous and commercially successful with their new singer, whose talent and performance made almost every rock music lover admire him. Evans continued his professional musical career with Rabbit and several other bands. However, there’s no hatred or feud between former bandmates, and the reporter wanted to know more about their current relationship.

Evans reminded Malcolm’s passing and revealed that Malcolm’s son Ross, who’s his close friend, is always in touch with him. Dave went on to talk about Angus Young. The singer stated that he and Young haven’t spoken with each other for years because the guitarist is a recluse person like himself. Evans, like Angus, prefers to stay away from people and be connected with nature after his tours.

Evans shared his ideas, saying:

“Well, Malcolm’s dead now; he passed away. His son Ross is a close friend of mine, and we keep in contact. I haven’t spoken to Angus for many years; he’s a recluse. I’m pretty much reclusive myself when I’m not touring.

I’m away from people too. I live in the mountains in Australia or the forest, somewhere away from people, whenever I can. So I haven’t spoken to him for a long, long time. But I spoke with Ross Young, Malcolm’s boy, only about a month ago or so.”

You can check out the interview below.