Evanescence Responds To The Backlash They Faced Over New NFT Collection

Evanescence recently announced that they are going to work with Incendum and Sweet to release their NFT collection. They posted the announcement on their Instagram along with a trailer of their animation. They stated that they will be releasing an animation with characters and a plot.

NFT, also known as Non-fungible token, is an innovative way for anyone to sell their art digitally. This method has been widely used by rockstars since the outbreak of the pandemic, and it seems like Evanescence also wants to be a part of the trend.

Many artists have sold art or a percentage of their music ownership, including Kings of Leon, Mike Shinoda, and Steve Aoki. The prices of the NFTs vary, but some are worth millions of dollars. Recently, Evanescence surprised their fans with the news that they will be selling their art digitally.

Here is the caption the band posted the announcement with:

“Teaming up with Incendium and Sweet to debut our ‘Echoes From The Void’ NFT collection. We’re adding a new dimension to the characters and storylines that we’ve loved creating so far. Check it out at the link in bio.”

Although this concept is getting more popular every day, some criticize it by saying it can’t be trusted. After Evanescence’s announcement, the fans complained about the energy-wasting aspect of the system and made harsh comments to the band for adapting to it.

A user commented:

“Why the hell do some artists think NFTs are something good?”

A fan showed their sadness by stating:

“No. Not you guys too. I would have been totally okay with a statue or something, but selling art as an NFT that will eventually break once the web host stops existing is just a waste of money. You guys are my absolute top favorite band of all time, but there’s no way I can support something that is basically useless like this. I’d rather you put it on a CD so I can buy that and keep it forever.”

Another fan threatened to return his concert tickets:

“Please reconsider! NFTs are an environmentally disastrous scam. So disappointing that y’all would fall into this… Kinda reconsidering my November tickets.”

Aside from being concerned about the environment, the general belief is that NFTs are scams because there isn’t a physical product that you can own in the end. The band received so much backlash that they posted another Instagram photo explaining their aim.

Here is what they stated in the post:

“To address any environmental concerns associated with the recent NFT’s we announced, they are minted by Polygon, a blockchain framework that uses less than 0.1% of the energy required by other approaches. Like you, we want to make sure that the choices we make are consistent with the goal of combating climate change.

You can see the explanation post below.

Photo Credit: Evanescence – Instagram