Eric Clapton Reveals What He Truly Thinks Of Roger Waters Amid Controversy

Eric Clapton recently spoke with The Real Music Observer and explained why he almost retracted his support from Robert F. Kennedy because of Roger Waters’ controversies.

Clapton was discussing an upcoming private gig he’d be performing for Kennedy when the topic drifted to how he didn’t agree with all of RFK Jr.’s politics, especially making a note of the politician withdrawing a tweet supporting Waters, saying it was ‘difficult’ to support Kennedy after that:

“I found it difficult at one point when he retracted that tweet about Roger because of Roger’s stance on the Middle East, on Israel-Palestine politics… It’s relevant because I was nearly gonna pull out of that [support]. I didn’t know if I could honestly support this when Robert said, ‘I’m pro-Israel,’ and the family [the Kennedy family] has always been pro-Israel.”

The rocker then mentioned a previous interview where Kennedy affirmed his support for Israel:

“[My things is] I react too quick in these situations, I thought ‘Oh my god, no.’ And then I watched it again and it was someone with a microphone cornered him and asked him what he thought about the situation [Israel-Palestine conflict] or to explain why he retracted the tweet.”

Eric then further explained why he didn’t retrace his support for the politician after that:

“And then the same guy with the microphone said, ‘What about Palestine?’ and I almost remember what he [Kennedy] said… He said, ‘I hope they get all that they aspire to and I thought, ‘Oh, okay, he left a little caveat there.'”

He continued by mentioning how people often ‘misinterpreted‘ Waters’ stance on Israel and how an advisor of Kennedy, Charles Eisenstein, didn’t give up supporting the politician even after conflicting on numerous subjects:

“They all misinterpret [Waters]. So, this thing I was mentioning about Charles Eisenstein… He’s written this essay which explains he’s on the campaign trail with Robert and he violently disagrees with Robert on that [Israel-Palestine] issue but he sees so much potential in him as a man, as a leader, as a character that he’s convinced he can change his mind. I think that’s fantastic.”

Kennedy had previously received backlash from the Jewish community due to his support for Roger Waters in a now-deleted tweet. The politician then retracted his support with another now-deleted tweet.

Although, that made Clapton question his support for the politician, the rocker will be performing in an upcoming private gig for RFK Jr. and you can check out why his financial support for the RFK Jr.’s campaign got rejected.