Eric Avery On Deliberately Avoiding Jane’s Addiction’s Spotlight

Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery recently sat down with ABC Arts for a chat and shared his thoughts about reuniting with the band in 2022 after a twelve-year absence and how he deliberately avoided spotlight by becoming a bassist, saying:

“It makes perfect sense that I was drawn to the bass. Because I sort of wanted to be involved in the world but was shy, and no one ever cares about the bass player – especially back then anyway. So I could sort of be involved, I could even be onstage, but not be the focus.”

The musician then discussed how it feels to be back in the act:

“Coming back to the band all these years later, I have a musical experience in the greater context of being really aware now that I’m an older guy of how remarkable it is to be able to make something in the world that affects people and just simply that and it seems sort of hackneyed to say it, but I’m aware of that, and it’s palpable to me, and yeah, it’s remarkable.”

In a conversation with Rolling Stone last year, the bassist discussed how he had received the offer to rejoin Jane’s Addiction from the frontman Perry Farrell in a lunch they had together. He said:

“He presented this idea of me returning to Jane’s and how we would do it. He was like, ‘Here’s a few years’ plan of how to return some luster to Jane’s Addiction.’ It involved writing new music and playing shows. I told him that I’d take the next step, whatever that is.”

Following Eric’s addition to the band, Jane’s Addiction entered the studio to record new material. Their latest release, ‘True Love,’ the first new Jane’s music since 2013’s ‘Another Soulmate,’ met the audience in March.

You can check out the rest of the interview below.