Eloy Casagrande Breaks Silence On Joining Slipknot: ‘There’s Nothing To Lose’

It’s finally official: Eloy Casagrande is the new Slipknot drummer.

Just a few hours ago, Slipknot officially announced that the former Sepultura drummer was their newest member. Now, Casagrande took to Instagram to share his excitement about joining Slipknot. However, he did make it clear that there is nothing to lose. He wrote:

“It’s an exciting moment. Unthinkable until then. There is nothing to lose, there is nothing to win. There is just living. We’re here as one. Thank you Slipknot for trusting me. Thanks all the maggots and fans around the world. See you on the road. Here comes more pain.”

Fans Had It Figured Out Before The Announcements

Slipknot has been teasing their new drummer for a while now, and fans have already made guesses about Casagrande being the band’s new member.

Recently, an Instagram post confirmed the news before the official announcement. The new picture featured all nine members including a tag for former Sepultura drummer.

In an earlier post, Slipknot shared a broken drumstick with a one-word caption, ‘rehearsal.’ While it’s not much to work with, die-hard fans have pointed out that the stick looked similar to those used by Casagrande.

In addition to the posts, Slipknot performed a small show before their performance at the Sick New World festival, but they didn’t make much of an effort to hide their new drummer’s true identity. Casagrande’s tattoos on his arms were fully on display with his sleeves rolled up. This confirmed his part in the band even before it was announced.

Casagrande’s Split Caused A Three-Way Turn

In February of this year, Casagrande unexpectedly parted ways with Sepultura after 13 years. This caught the band off guard since they had a farewell tour on the horizon. Greyson Nekrutman took over as his replacement, leaving Suicidal Tendencies for the opportunity to join the band.

Meanwhile, former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg joined Suicidal Tendencies to fill the void. And so, the three-way rotation was complete.

You can see Casagrande with his mask on below.

Photo Credit: Slipknot – Instagram