‘Eddie Vedder Has Encyclopeadic Knowledge,’ Pearl Jam Bassist Explains How It Works For The Band

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament sat down with Louder Sound to discuss the upcoming Pearl Jam album, ‘Dark Matter.’

The band has already released a single from the upcoming record, and according to the singer, how Eddie Vedder writes the songs is thanks to his ‘encyclopeadic knowledge.’ The bassist explained:

“What Ed said about getting us in a room at this point, we felt like we were about to make a really important record. A lot of that had to do with the atmosphere Andrew set up. He has encyclopeadic knowledge of our history, not only as a band and how we wrote songs but as players.”

Talking about his bandmate’s excitement, he added:

“He could pinpoint things we did on old songs to the point where I was like, ‘What the f*ck is he talking about?’ His excitement was contagious. He’s a force. I just want to say thanks for keeping us on track. I couldn’t be prouder of us as a band. I feel so grateful for the fans, but mostly for my brothers and these people I’ve made music with.”

‘This Is Our Best Work’

During the same interview, the frontman Eddie Vedder shared his excitement since he and the rest of the band think the upcoming record is their best one yet:

“I’m getting chills, because I have good memories. We’re still looking for ways to communicate. We’re at this time in our lives when you could do it or you could not do it, but we still care about putting something out there that is meaningful and we hopefully think is our best work. No hyperbole, I think this is our best work.”

The Album Will Be ‘Heavier Than Expected’

The follow-up to 2020’s ‘Gigaton’ is under the production of Andrew Watt, known for his collaboration with Eddie Vedder on the frontman’s 2022 solo record ‘Earthling.’ In an interview with Classic Rock, Mike McCready detailed how Watt, recognized for his work with Ozzy Osbourne and the Rolling Stones, has influenced a shift in Pearl Jam’s approach. The rocker also suggested that Pearl Jam’s upcoming album might bring some surprises for fans:

“It’s a lot heavier than you’d expect. There’s the melody and energy of the first couple of records. Andrew pushed us to play as hard and melodic and thoughtful as we’ve done in a long time. I feel like Matt Cameron’s drumming has elements of what he did in Soundgarden.”

The album will drop on April 19, 2024.