Eddie Vedder Confirms The New Record Will Feature His Deceased Father’s Vocals

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder gave an interview to Mojo magazine in which he revealed that he carried his late father’s vocals in his suitcase for three months because he wasn’t ready to hear them.

Vedder was born on December 23, 1964, to Karen Lee Vedder and Edward Louis Severson Jr, who divorced in 1965 when Vedder was just an infant. His mother then remarried a man named Peter Mueller, and Vedder was raised believing Mueller was his biological father.

After his mother and Mueller divorced, Vedder learned the truth about Mueller: he was his stepfather. When he was a child, Vedder had met his biological father, Edward Louis Severson Jr, but thought he was an old friend of his parents. However, Severson had already passed by the time Eddie found out about the truth.

Because working and going to school put him under pressure, Vedder dropped out of high school and joined the rest of his family in Chicago. In 1984, he returned to San Diego and started making musical efforts in local bands. After his tenure in Temple Of The Dog, Vedder began his career in Pearl Jam in 1990.

In an interview on Mojo magazine, Eddie Vedder revealed that he met Carmen Fanzone from the Chicago Cubs, who was a friend of his father. According to the musician, Fanzone gave him some photos of them and five songs of his dad singing on a disc. Vedder then admitted that he carried that disc for three months as he wasn’t ready to hear it.

As reported by Loudwire, Eddie Vedder told Mojo magazine the following:

“I didn’t really get to know my real father. I met him maybe three or four times as a kid, but he was a friend of the family. But the crazy thing that did happen was that about 10 years ago, the Chicago Cubs, some of their old-timers get together and play baseball for about a week. And I would go down there every other year and hang. … One of the ex-players, this erudite, badass trumpeter — he used to play third base — his name is Carmen Fanzone.

I saw Carmen playing the horn in a little club in Arizona, and this guy playing keyboards with him had been best friends with my dad. He later brought me some photos of them in little basement studios. Then a couple of years after that, he brought me five songs of my dad singing on a disc. I carried that disc around for two, three months in my suitcase, not ready to hear it. Finally, I got the guts, and after a couple of bottles of wine, I played it one night in Argentina.”

Apart from his career in Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder also has a successful solo career. Back in September 2021, he released the single ‘Long Way’ from his upcoming album ‘Earthling’ which is set to release on February 11, 2022. Following the release of ‘Long Way,’ Vedder also released ‘The Haves’ on November 18 and ‘Brother The Cloud’ on January 14, 2022.

Below, you can listen to Vedder’s recent release from his forthcoming ‘Earthling’ album, ‘Brother The Cloud.’