Eddie Van Halen’s Opinion On Andy Summers And His Guitar Sound In The Police

Eddie Van Halen was one of the most influential guitarists in the rock music scene. Throughout his career in Van Halen, the band he co-founded with his brother Alex, Eddie became an inspiration for many guitarists with his guitar playing methods, such as his tapping solo technique.

A legendary guitarist who became unforgettable with solos like in ‘Eruption,’ Eddie Van Halen gave an interview to Guitar Player back in 1982. At that time, Eddie was staying in his hotel room after a show in Louisville, KY. The guitar icon revealed his thoughts on The Police guitarist Andy Summers during the conversation.

What Did Eddie Van Halen Say About Andy Summers’ Guitar Playing?

In the 1982 interview conducted via a phone call for Guitar Player, Eddie Van Halen modestly said that it’s funny for him to criticize other guitarists. He then stated The Police’s Andy Summers’ guitar sound is as if all he uses is a phaser and a flanger. Eddie said this sounds nice, but it feels inadequate when one hears the same sound on a whole album.

Moreover, Eddie Van Halen admitted he also gets the same sounds in the Van Halen records, and there might be some people who think the same about him. However, Eddie claimed that the important thing was having a good time while playing guitar, and Andy Summers probably had a good time.

Speaking to Guitar Player magazine‘s Jas Obrecht, Eddie Van Halen said the following about Andy Summers:

“It’s so funny for me to sit and criticize other guitar players. What I’m just about to say is that Andy Summers sounds like all he uses is a phaser and a flanger all the time when he plays chords, which sounds nice. But, when you hear a whole album of that same sound, it hits the wall. But at the same time, I get the same sound through the f*cking records too.”

He then continued:

“What I just said about Andy Summers, maybe other people say the same thing about me, like ‘On everything, he does sound the same.’ But what the hell, I’m having a good time, and he probably is too.

So, Eddie Van Halen believed Andy Summers’ guitar sound didn’t vary, and he sounded like he was using the same tools in all of the songs he played. However, Eddie stated that he also had the same sound in the songs, but what mattered most to him was enjoying his time.