E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt: ’Stop Using The Word Abortion’


Steven Van Zandt recently shared a tweet about women’s rights and emphasized how using the word ‘abortion’ instead of ‘equal rights’ created unnecessary division.

For many years, legalizing abortion for unwanted pregnancies has been a massive topic of discussion among people in the world. Especially in the United States, while some states legalized it for up to a certain amount of months, others kept the duration very low, making it impossible for the woman to realize her pregnancy and decide to get an abortion.

These laws limited a woman’s rights to her own body and breached equal rights between men and women. Men in charge are deciding for women who may be in a difficult situation. The most controversial side of this is perhaps that governments do not provide sufficient support for those who have to go through with their pregnancy because they couldn’t get an abortion.

According to Steven Van Zandt, the right way to fight this is not to divide everyone into pro-abortion or pro-life. Instead of using the word ‘abortion,’ people should start calling out for ‘fundamental women’s equal rights.’ This switch could have made the whole idea more supported and shown a decline in misogyny.

Here is what Steven tweeted:

“For 40 years, I’ve been telling the progressive intelligentsia to stop using the word abortion. Because it’s never been the issue. The issue is fundamental to women’s equal rights! Using the word abortion creates and demands the equal passion of anti-abortion. And now it’s too late.

He continued:

“Every time someone uses the word abortion, it’s easy for someone else to say they’re against it. But using the phrase fundamental women’s equal rights, it’s not so easy and quite revealing to oppose it. Make no mistake. It’s never been about ‘pro-life.’ It’s all about misogyny!

A user tweeted:

“Ok, but the fundamental equal rights are what they so badly have always wanted to block. We can’t even get paid mat leave. Or child care. Nothing.”

Steven replied:

“And that’s because it’s an issue that should be trumpeted from the mountain tops constantly and certainly be demanded as an essential plank of every policy discussion in every election, and it’s not!”

You can see the tweets below.