E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt On Dr. Oz’s Candidacy, ‘You’re Out Of Your League’


E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt recently took to his Twitter to address Dr. Oz‘s decision to run for US Senate. In his tweet, Van Zandt argued that Dr. Oz is out of his league.

Besides working on his musical endeavors, Steven Van Zandt also likes to spend time on social media to discuss many topics with his fans. On his Twitter, Van Zandt often reveals his honest opinions about the current political state of the US. Moreover, he also warns his followers to take action for the future of the States.

In June, Van Zandt argued that the US citizens are losing America because the Republican Party is taking firm steps toward winning the Congress while the Democratic Party does nothing to prevent this. Due to that, the guitarist argued that ‘the war for the soul of America’ began and urged his followers to show support.

On November 30, 2021, celebrity doctor Dr. Oz announced that he would run for US Senate in Pennysylvania because America needs a Conservative Republican who will step forward to cure the country’s issues. Moreover, he argued that John Fetterman was the wrong choice for Pennsylvania.

In a recent video John Fetterman posted on Twitter, Van Zandt sent a message to Dr. Oz, saying Oz lives in New Jersey but uses his in-law’s address in Pennsylvania to run for the Senate. He then told Oz not to mess with Fetterman and claimed he was out of his league. Van Zandt then asked him to withdraw before he embarrassed himself.

Steve Van Zandt’s message for Dr. Oz is as follows:

“Yo! Dr. Oz! Stevie VZ here. What are you doing in Pennsylvania? Everybody knows you live in New Jersey, and you’re just using your in-law’s address over there. And you do not want to mess around with John Fetterman. Trust me. You’re a little out of your league. Nobody wants to see you get embarrassed. So come on back to Jersey, where you belong, and we’ll have some fun. We’ll go to the beach. We’ll go surfing. Come on.”

You can see the tweet and watch the video below.