Duff Mckagan’s Daughter Grace Announces The Release Date Of Her New Song By Posting Some Hot Photos

Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan’s daughter and model/singer, Grace McKagan, uploaded a new post on her official Instagram account and made a new announcement.

As you might remember, Grace McKagan was the singer of ‘The Pink Slips,’ but decided to pursue on a solo career. About a month ago, she released her debut single, Surrender, on social media.

Yesterday, Grace shared astonishing photos of herself as she promoted her second single, named So Lucky. In the post, she announced that So Lucky will be releason on February 12, just before Valentine’s Day.

Furthermore, Grace was wearing nothing but a pink lace bra on top that shows her gym-honed body, and combined it with a black lingerie. With perfect makeup on her face, she was looking so pretty.

Here is what Grace McKagan wrote:

“Just in-time Valentine’s Day 💘🧲💘 ‘So Lucky’ – song & video out February 12. This horseshoe will be available as keychains on February 15 🔑”

You can check out the post by clicking here.

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