Dream Theater Finished Writing New Album With Mike Portnoy

In a video message Dream Theater shared on their official account on X, Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci revealed that they completed new album writing sessions.

It will be the band’s first album with Portnoy after 2009’s ‘Black Clouds & Silver Linings.’ Petrucci started with the following words in the video:

“Okay, here we are. We did it. We worked so hard our beards are gray.”

The drummer stepped in, talking about the hair on his head:

“Yeah, when this session started, I was completely black up there.”

Both Are Excited For The Record

Then, John revealed the big news for the band:

“Oh my god. So it’s March 30th. It’s a Saturday, 2024. And we just completed the writing of the record and the tracking of the drums. Isn’t that crazy?”

Mike continued by saying:

“I could not be more psyched. Fricking came out so amazing. So excited. Cannot wait to unleash this.”

The guitarist agreed, noting:

“You guys have no clue what’s about to happen.”

Other Updates From The Album

During the weekend, Portnoy posted on Facebook to share an update on the band’s upcoming album. He shared how the sessions went:

“Today is my last day behind this kit for a while… Yes, indeed, my drums for DT16 are done!! But that is just the beginning…work will now continue in the coming months ahead on guitars, bass, keys, vocals, percussion (not to mention writing lyrics, mixing, mastering etc etc). I really can’t divulge anything more as we are (purposefully) keeping a very tight lid on any & all info at this early stage…but I will say we are all blown away and so extremely excited about what we’ve created! We cannot wait for you all to hear this…but patience, all will be revealed in due time…”

On October 25, 2023, Dream Theater announced that Mike was coming back to the band after his 2010 departure. In a January chat with Guitar World, Petrucci talked about the new album and Portnoy’s role in it:

“We start the new album in less than two weeks. And we’re looking forward to it. It’s really exciting to have [Portnoy] back in the band. We started the band together. I talked [earlier in the interview] about being 18 at Berklee [College Of Music]; that’s where we met. And we’ve been friends ever since. So, having him back in the band is really special to all of us. I know he’s really excited as well.”

Portnoy also revealed earlier last month that the rest of the Dream Theater members allowed him to handle the setlist for the band’s forthcoming shows.

You can see the video message below.