Dr. Dre Picks Nirvana And Kurt Cobain As His Musical Heroes

Dr. Dre recently joined an interview with comedian Kevin Hart on Hart’s ‘Hart to Heart’ talk show on Peacock and revealed Nirvana and Kurt Cobain as his musical idols.

When asked who inspired him musically, the rapper replied by saying:

“I’m a big fan of ’70s soul, late ’60s and early ’70s rock. Paul Mccartney, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin… I’m a big fan of rock. And then Nirvana came in and completely changed the game. Kurt Cobain shows up, and all of a sudden, spandex and long hair are out of the window. You look corny as if you’re wearing that, right?”

The musician has a long-standing history of expressing his admiration for Nirvana in various interviews. In the HBO documentary series, ‘The Defiant Ones,’ which aired in 2017, he said when the band’s ‘Stay Away’ played on the speakers:

“Yo, I’m starting to sweat right now just listening to this sh*t. It’s bananas. Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, that’s my favorite rock group of all time.”

He went one step further and disclosed the following about the Nirvana album ‘Bleach’:

“That’s one of my favorite albums ever made. I still listen to that sh*t to work out.”

You can watch that part of the interview below.