DJ Ashba Recalls When He Realized Guns N’ Roses Were Outdated


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba recently joined Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz for an interview. During the conversation, he remembered the time when he realized Guns N’ Roses was getting outdated.

On March 23, 2009, Ashba joined Guns N’ Roses as their new lead guitarist to replace Robin Finck. He first toured with GN’R as part of the Chinese Democracy Tour, where the band played in Taiwan on December 11, 2009. He also toured with the band as part of their 2013 Australian Tour and appeared on their ‘Appetite For Democracy 3D’ video release.

When DJ Ashba was working with Guns N’ Roses, he was also making musical efforts with Sixx:A.M. Giving this and his commitment to his family as a reason, Ashba announced his departure from GN’R on July 27, 2015. However, it seems like there was another reason for his decision to leave the iconic rock band.

In the interview by Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz, DJ Ashba shared his insights on leaving Guns N’ Roses. He told Paltrovitz that he went to EDM concerts and festivals back in those days, and he noticed the audience was full of young kids. Moreover, Ashba said he called Sixx and Michael and said they’ve played for these kids’ parents in Sixx A.M.

The musician stated this was when he decided he wanted to play his music to these kids by creating a new sound and staying true to himself. He then said they created the Guitar Dance Music this way. Ashba also added that his main aim is to inspire a new generation of young kids to pick up an instrument to play and lead a life like his.

During the conversation, DJ Ashba told Darren Paltrowitz the following:

“Back to leaving ‘arguably’ one of the biggest bands in the world to follow this thing… I saw a real opening in Electronic Dance Music. There was very little live performance happening. Now it’s starting to happen a lot more, it started to be the thing. But when I was going to EDM concerts and festivals, I would watch these young kids. I remember calling James and Nikki, going ‘Guys, not that it’s a bad thing, but we’re playing for a lot of these kids’ parents in Sixx:A.M.’

This is where all their kids are hanging out at EDM festivals, and I go, ‘I want to play for these kids, I want to create a new sound by staying true to what I do.’ That’s being a guitar player, producer, and songwriter. Finding a way how to inject me and my sound into this world that I love so much, but creating something unique, a new sound that really hasn’t been done the way I’m doing it… We just simply call it GDM, which is Guitar Dance Music.

I did it not only to re-inspire myself as a musician, but my goal is to hopefully inspire a new generation of young kids to go out and pick up an instrument like Eddie Van Halen did to me when I was young. If I could go out to a festival like Electric Daisy Carnival and inspire one kid, then this journey was worth it to me because that one kid could turn out to have a life like I’ve had and follow his dreams. And I hopefully inspire him to do really cool stuff in his life.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.