Disturbed Singer David Draiman Says He Moved Florida To Pay Less Taxes


Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently revealed on his Twitter that he moved to Florida while answering a fan’s question. As he noted, not paying income tax was one of the reasons for his relocation.

The vocalist married professional surfer and model Lena Yada in 2011. They had a son in 2013 and moved from Texas to Yada’s hometown, Hawaii. The family moved there because of their son’s ongoing health issues. He struggled with severe allergies resulting in a high fever since birth. After experiencing a situation where their son almost went unconscious, the couple decided to move from Austin.

Draiman opened up more about their relocation in a previous interview with Louder Sound. He stated that it was a ‘massive change’ for them to move to Hawaii. As he mentioned, getting used to living there was a long and challenging process because he had no time to meet anybody due to the band’s busy schedule.

David Draiman said the following:

“I know, poor me, I moved from Austin to Honolulu. But it’s been a massive change, and getting used to it is still a work in progress. It’s been tough because I don’t know anybody there, and I haven’t really had the time to get to know anybody because the band has been so busy.”

According to the recent news, a wildfire occurred on the Hawaii Island ‘Leilani.’ The fans who think Draiman still lives there expressed their concerns about him. One of them asked the vocalist whether he was safe with his family on the island. The Disturbed vocalist answered that question and revealed that they currently live in Florida. When the fan politely asked if they moved because of the humidity or the government, Draiman said that the school, the sun, and not paying for income tax were the reasons.

David Draiman responded the following when asked if they were safe in Hawaii:

“We moved to Florida.”

Here’s what the vocalist said when asked about the reason for their relocation:

“The schools, the sun, and no state income tax are.”

You can check out the tweets below.