Disturbed Producer Tells The Difference Of David Draiman’s Vocals Than Other Metal Singers

Disturbed’s producer Kevin Churko recently joined Daniel Sarkissian for an interview. He claimed David Draiman could sing for a long time without any breaks, but he does not have superpowers.

Draiman joined Disturbed in 1996 as a replacement for their original singer. Draiman impressed them so much with his voice when the band auditioned him that all the band members were amazed at his vocal capabilities. So, it seems this wasn’t a challenging task for the singer.

As their lead vocalist, David Draiman became known for his baritone, distorted, and operatic singing voice and percussive vocal style throughout his career with Disturbed. With his distinctive singing, Draiman was also ranked among the top metal vocalists of all time by various sources.

In an interview with Daniel Sarkissian, Disturbed producer Kevin Churko revealed that David Draiman could sing for a long time, but he is indeed not a superman. He then said he has worked with other singers that can sing for 10 or 15 minutes, but that doesn’t mean they are less talented as it’s just a matter of vocal style and technique rather than capability.

Moreover, Churko argued that some singers sing in different ways or need some time off while performing, and that’s normal. He then compared the aggressiveness of metal music to the music style of bands like the Carpenters and said metal singers have to be on edge in every song, and it’s usual for them to have a break not to damage their voice.

During the conversation, Kevin Churko said:

David is not a superman. I mean, he eventually has to have a break if he’s seeing a lot of high stuff, but he can go for a long time. There are definitely some singers over my years of working who are among those 10 to 15-minute guys, and that doesn’t mean they’re any less singers or any less good singers.

It’s just that people sing in different ways and different textures or need a little bit of time off in between,  depending on how much work it is to sing their styles. Obviously, in metal, we’re usually talking about very aggressive singing. It’s not like the Carpenters where Karen Carpenter could probably sing for three days straight and not need a break as she is singing low and quiet.

But for these guys, you’ve got to be on edge every time in every song, and you just can’t keep it up for long without damaging your voice. It’s a physical and an organic thing; it’s not a guitar that you can just keep playing over and over again. The voice is delicate, probably one of the most delicate things I would think about on your body.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.