Desmond Child Defends His Contribution To KISS’ Disco Sound

In a recent chat with Produce Like a Pro, Desmond Child justified his role in creating the ‘disco’ sound in KISS’ ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ as one of the co-writers.

In response to ongoing criticism of KISS’ ‘disco’ sound in their hit song, the producer explained:

“Some people criticized it because it had a dance beat. So it seemed to get away, but people were saying, ‘Oh, KISS have gone disco.’ But not really; you listen to it, it’s more like… ‘Standing in the Shadows of Love.’ Kind of the Motown stomp because Paul is a huge fan of Motown and R&B.”

Expanding on the track’s production influences, Child said:

“So it really was not the dance; we weren’t at all having disco in our minds. But there was another innovation that happened at the time, which was drum machines. I had gotten one of the first prototypes, and it was this tiny little thing, and it just went, ‘boom’ and you can make it go faster and slower. So I started writing songs to, like, ‘four on the floor’ beats. That was sort of an influence on [the song] as well.”

The musician further discussed the KISS song’s popularity:

“The song is infectious and haunting. Every time that chorus comes in, you can’t help but jump up; it just makes me so happy. It has to be the number-one karaoke song of all time.”

In a 2021 interview with Good Day Sacramento, Gene Simmons defended the band’s decision to add disco elements to their album ‘Dynasty’ and the success of the record, saying:

“‘You know, I don’t like the way that guy hit that baseball, that home run that he hit.’ Idiot! It was a home run! So that’s called a home run. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. These are semantics, but I’m not anti-semantic. You see what I did there?”

However, the bassist also admitted before that he wouldn’t miss performing ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’ after their farewell tour wrapped, as he doesn’t enjoy singing his vocal parts in the hit track.

You can watch the entire conversation below.