Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Praises Gary Brooker’s ‘Unique Voice’ In His Emotional Tribute


Procol Harum’s Gary Brooker recently passed away and left behind his legacy band Procol Harum and solo albums. The musicians were deeply saddened by his departure, and many artists paid tribute to the singer. Most recently, Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice paid an emotional tribute to Brooker and talked about his unique voice.

Gary Brooker passed away at his home on February 19 following cancer-related complications. His loss left many heartbroken, including KISS’ Paul Stanley, Billy Joel, and E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt. The three rockstars put their sadness into words on their Twitter accounts and appreciated the uniqueness of Brooker’s voice.

Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice apparently had a closer relationship with the singer than the others. Hence, his tribute was a YouTube video where he talked about him for four minutes. Like the others, he was also mesmerized by the uniqueness of his voice and stated that it was possible to recognize Brooker’s voice as soon as hearing it.

He talked about the late musician’s success with his band and how he raised over a million pounds for The Royal Marsden Hospital before the pandemic. Unfortunately, now that he’s gone, he will never be able to perform with him, talk to him, or hear his voice live again, which he will miss a lot.

Here is a part of Ian Paice’s tribute to Gary Brooker:

“A couple of days ago, we lost one of the giants of English rock music, a good pal of mine, Gary Brooker. A totally unique voice, totally recognizable as soon as you hear it. A wonderful, different style of music that he helped create with his band Procol Harum a long time ago. But when you hear those records today, they are so wonderfully perfect and so different.

I had the great pleasure of being on stage with Gary just before the pandemic hit in 2020. He’d arranged an amazingly big benefit show at the O2 Arena — sold out, sixteen thousand-something people. Well, why wouldn’t it be? He got some of his best friends to come and do it: Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, Bonnie Tyler, Paul Young. It just went on and on and on. And I had the privilege of playing in the house band behind all these great artists. And in that one night, he raised over a million pounds for The Royal Marsden Hospital. That’s something.

And now he’s gone. And apart from the recordings, I’ll never get to say hi to him again; I’ll never hear that wonderful voice live again. And that really is something to be missed.

Garywhat an artist and what a nice man.”

You can watch the full tribute below.