Dee Snider Slams ‘Morons’ For Twisting The Lyrics Of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider reacted to the politician Kari Lake and her supporters in his recent tweets. Snider called them ‘fascist morons’ as they were twisting the lyrics of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ to support their claims.

Although there have been many disputes about the meaning of Twisted Sister’s 1984 song ‘We Are Not Gonna Take It’ since its first release in 1984, it has been used on many occasions. Besides being used in various advertisements with the permission of Dee Snider and TW, politicians have also used the track for their campaigns.

For instance, Vice-Presidential nominee Pual Ryan used the track for his 2012 campaign. However, Snider revealed his support for Obama instead of him and asked Ryan to stop using the song. In 2015, the vocalist permitted Donald Trump to use it for his presidential campaign as the two were friends. Later, he changed his mind and respectfully asked him not to use it as he disagreed with his opinions.

Recently, Kari Lake, the Republican candidate in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, also supported by Donald Trump, shared a tweet using the song and tagging Snider. The Twisted Sister vocalist has reacted to the politician who is known for her anti-abortion stance. Snider responded by calling the supporters ‘fascist morons’ who twisted the song’s actual meaning. He emphasized the word ‘choose’ and stated that he does not support political views that clash with citizens’ freedom.

Dee Snider said the following in responding to Kari Lake’s tweet:

“Hey, idiots! Read the 1st line. ‘We’ve got the right to choose!’ This is a pro-choice anthem, you or co-opting. It was never intended for you fascist morons! As the songwriter & singer I denounce everything Kari Lake stands for! Write your own damn song!”

Snider also responded to a Twitter user who said he could file a suit for copywriting issues. He mentioned that people do not have to receive permission from him and are free to use the song. However, the vocalist said he would continue criticizing those with whom he strongly disagreed. Also, when another Twitter user blamed him due to the word ‘moron,’ Snider noted that only those who see themselves like that could give such a reaction.

Dee Snider said in his words:

“I’ve explained this many times. You don’t have to get permission to play any song at an event. Same as a baseball game. And I won’t try to stop someone (unless they are using it without permission for commercial use – that’s different) who I disagree with. I will denounce them.”

Snider said the following when criticized due to the word ‘moron:’

“The only people who will be offended by my use of the word moron are those who are. If you called me a moron, I’d simply laugh. That’s like calling me a chair. Am I a chair? Nope. If the ‘moron’ fits, wear it.”

You can see the tweets below.