Dee Snider: ‘I’m Not Vince Neil’

Dee Snider recently chatted with Fortune, discussing his new book, ‘Frats,’ and why he was nothing like Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil.

Twisted Sister frontman first mentioned his passion for writing before the topic drifted to Neil, recalling how he used to prefer staying inside and working on ‘honing his craft’ rather than going out and partying as many of his rocker peers did in the 80s, saying:

“I started to teach myself how to write… In 1984, everybody was out partying; I was in the dressing room or in the hotel working on writing. I’m not a singer who decided to write a book — or had someone write one for him. I’ve been laboring away, honing the craft.”

Then, Snider gave the Mötley Crüe singer as an example to show what kind of rocker ‘he was not,’ stating how he could actually ‘put together a sentence’ while also reminding his speech before the U.S. Senate in 1985:

“I’m not Vince Neil. I’m the guy you saw in Washington [defending heavy metal against PMRC’s allegations], a guy who can put together a sentence and express himself.”

Well, it might be safe to say that Neil, like his Mötley bandmates, is known for his taste for partying, so that, perhaps, is what Snider was trying to take a swipe at, criticizing the ‘stereotypical rock star persona‘ fans and audiences are familiar with.

However, the Twisted Sister singer wasn’t the only rocker who took a jab at Neil, as you might want to check out how Faith No More’s Mike Patton confessed why he was afraid of becoming ‘a Vince Neil.’