Dee Snider Explains The Common Feature Of Gene Simmons, Angus Young, And Ted Nugent

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing other musicians who don’t party at all mostly due to their lack of interest in alcohol and drugs including himself, KISS bassist Gene Simmons, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, and Ted Nugent.

For those of you who may not know, despite the number is few, there are rock icons who preferred to stay away from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and any kind of addiction throughout their music career due to their personal reasons whether it’s for a healthy life, for religious purposes or just simply lacking interest despite there were endless opportunities.

Gene Simmons is one of those musicians who is known for sustaining a clean life, away from drugs and alcohol mainly thanks to his mother to whom Simmons had great respect, therefore, didn’t want to cause further pain in her life by adding addictions to their world. Lucky for him, KISS bassist managed to live a life without needing any sort of substance, therefore, didn’t participate in savage rock and roll parties as well.

While KISS icon isn’t primarily known for his lifestyle, it’s rock veteran Ted Nugent who is constantly putting the importance of having a life without alcohol and drugs under the spotlight while stressing the significance of its benefits. According to Nugent, substance abuse takes his conscience away, and by doing that prevents him to live his life fully. In order to avoid drugs, the musician rejected many other musicians who offered him once throughout his career including Jimi Hendrix himself.

Just like Simmons and Nugent, Angus Young and Dee Snider also maintained a life without addictions and a charming rock and roll life filled with endless drugs, alcohol, and partying. They rather focused on their jobs and the longevity of their music, therefore, avoided ruining their ability to make music by also dodging any sort of addiction since it took away many brilliant musicians one by one with time.

Recently, a fan shared a tweet asking Dee Snider about Angus Young who allegedly never drinks alcohol, being surprised by this fact since AC/DC and not drinking doesn’t go together due to the crazy image of the band, the fan thought it would be a good idea to ask another rock star to find out the truth.

That surprised fan asked this:

Is it true that Angus Young is a teetotaler? I heard somewhere that he never drinks, which just seems out of place for AC/DC.”

After seeing that fan’s tweet, Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that it’s true that Angus Young never drinks alcohol. On top of this, Twisted Sister frontman stated that there are other rock icons who don’t drink alcohol and don’t party at all such as Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, and himself all of whom broke the stereotypical image of a rock star with their unusual lifestyle.

In his tweet, Dee Snider stated:

“That is correct. One of a small group on non-partiers: Gene Simmons, me, Angus, Ted Nugent...”

You can see the Twitter post below.