David Sancious Shares Bruce Springsteen’s Plans Outside Of E Street Band

Speaking in the new issue of MOJO, David Sancious revealed that he worked with Bruce Springsteen for a follow-up to last year’s soul and R&B covers album, ‘Only The Strong Survive.’ The keyboardist hinted at a tour that might be on the horizon by saying:

“I’ve just worked on Bruce’s sequel to ‘Only The Strong Survive.’ He’s got 18 more covers of Motown and classic R&B, and next year, I should be touring the album with Bruce.”

Bruce’s initial intention for the ‘Only The Strong Survive’ album was to release new tracks created by other writers. However, it evolved into a covers album where the rocker chose to cover soul classics from his youth instead of releasing an album featuring new songs that he didn’t fully relate to.

Besides working on a follow-up album together, the pair had shared the stage during Sancious’ E Street Band days. The keyboardist also reminisced about the day that they came up with the band’s name; he recalled:

“I’m still touched by the E Street Band name. We were driving, thinking up band names, when we turned the corner onto my street, and Bruce saw the street sign and kept repeating it. At the next rehearsal, he confirmed it. He said I was a very important part of the band, and we needed a name, and it sounded good.”

You can read David Sancious’ interview with MOJO here and listen to ‘Only The Strong Survive’ below.