David Lee Roth Receives Backlash With ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ Video On Eddie Van Halen’s Death Anniversary

David Lee Roth recently shared a new video called, ‘Don’t Stop The Party,’ on October 6, which also happened to be the anniversary of his former Van Halen bandmate Eddie Van Halen’s death.

This October 6 remarked the third anniversary of Van Halen’s passing, and fans seemed to condemn and criticize Roth due to his choice of ‘partying’ content. One fan on YouTube said:

“He posts this [the partying video] on the 3-year anniversary of the passing of Edward Van Halen. Of course, no mention of Ed. Make the day about Diamond Dave! Let’s pay tribute to Dave!”

The user then added:

“He [Van Halen] named the band and wrote the songs [lyrics.] And don’t mention Eddie’s name at the tribute. Right, Dave? Those are the conditions. Lol. [And people wonder why there wasn’t a tribute show for Ed.]”

The backlash was also adamant on Twitter [X] as users criticized the former vocalist’s ‘partying’ video. One X user even called out Dave’s content with the following:

“David Lee Roth, this crap again? How about acknowledging the loss of Edward Van Halen?”

Another one tweeted:

“Roth, Ed died 3 years ago today. What say you?”

Although Diamond Dave was quiet on the guitarist’s third death anniversary, numerous others paid Van Halen tribute, including his son Wolfgang and his drummer brother, Alex Van Halen.

The guitarist passed away in 2020 after a long battle with cancer, and questions regarding a possible Van Halen reunion and tribute have been shut down by his son Wolfgang ever since.

You can check out Roth’s video and the backlash down below.