David Gilmour’s Wife Polly Samson Responds To Roger Waters Fans’ Accusations

David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson recently reacted to Roger Waters fans’ backlash after saying Pink Floyd did not wish the bassist a happy birthday on X.

Pink Floyd itself received backlash after the band’s official X account celebrated Roger’s birthday on September 6. However, after the anti-Waters comments, Samson clarified how the act had no intention to celebrate it:

“They absolutely did not wish him a happy birthday. You are mistaken.”

After that tweet, a Waters fan react to Polly and wrote:

“Imagine being involved in your husband’s drama so much that, any moment you see someone you see someone being negative to Roger, you validate them on his goddamn motherf*cking birthday! Roger is done with this drama, but, apparently, you’re not cause here we are.”

Samson was then quick to reply, saying:

“Imagine being such a dim and/or misogynistic fanboy that you think this is not about pro-Putin propaganda and antisemitism.”

The verbal altercation between Samson and Waters started a few months back when Polly addressed Roger as a ‘megalomaniac’ while also labeling him an anti-semite.

However, the rocker then hit back with his own snidey remark, as he said in one of his live shows, ‘All I have to say about Polly Samson is: imagine being waking up to that every morning.’ Then, Gilmour responded to Waters’ remarks, stating on X that it was ‘wonderful’ to wake up to Samson every morning.

Recently, Waters heated up the argument again when he explained whether he’d sue Samson or not, and why the verbal altercation between them had started to get annoying.