David Gilmour’s Confession About Van Halen

A multi-instrumentalist who has influenced many musicians throughout the years, David Gilmour has an undeniable and extraordinary talent in guitar playing. Gilmour has created his legacy in the rock music world, using simple but huge sounding riffs, rich textures, and well-paced sounds, especially with his work in Pink Floyd.

While Gilmour was active in the music scene with his band, Van Halen was also among the most famous rock bands. Especially with the contributions of Eddie Van Halen’s applauded guitar playing, Van Halen was a rising star in the industry. As it seems, Gilmour had different ideas about the band’s music and had something to confess about them.

What Did David Gilmour Reveal About Van Halen?

In 2009, Barry Cleveland from Guitar Player interviewed David Gilmour about his guitar playing techniques. Cleveland asked him whether he was Eddie Van Halen’s fan towards the end of the interview. As a response, David Gilmour revealed that he met Eddie several times, but he doesn’t listen to Van Halen that much.

Saying Eddie was a nice person, Gilmour added that his guitar playing was fantastic. He then recalled Eddie’s solo in Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and said his energetic guitar playing makes one want to dance on the floor. The musician also noted that EVH was a significant influence and a guitarist who changed rock music’s nature.

In a 2009 interview with Guitar Player magazine, David Gilmour said about Eddie Van Halen the following:

“I’ve met him a couple of times, and he always seemed to be a very nice guy. I have to confess that I don’t listen to an awful lot of Van Halen, but Eddie is fantastic. His moments of sheer, unbridled, joyful playing, as he did on the Michael Jackson track, can’t help but make you want to jump around on a dance floor. He was a major influence on a lot of people. Wasn’t he? He changed Rock music, and he made a lot of very average players think they were a lot better than they actually were!”

Moreover, David Gilmour also claimed that he couldn’t play guitar like Eddie Van Halen way back in 1985. The rocker then stated he sat down and tried Eddie Van Halen’s techniques. Still, he couldn’t sound like Eddie, making him think that he needed to practice more.

In the 1985 interview with Guitar Classics, David Gilmour said:

I can’t play like Eddie Van Halen. I wish I could. I sat down to try some of those ideas, and I couldn’t do it. I don’t know if I could ever get any of that stuff together. Sometimes I think I should work at the guitar more. I play every day, but I don’t consciously practice scales or anything in particular.”

As it seems, David Gilmour wasn’t a die-hard Van Halen fan who listens to all of their music, but he was pretty aware of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar-playing talent. Considering his past remarks on the guitarist, it is possible that Eddie was an influence over him as well.