David Gilmour Shares The Video Of His Performance Of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Bird On The Wire’ With Von Trapped Family

Pink Floyd guitarist and co-lead vocalist David Gilmour shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing a video in which he performs one of Leonard Cohen’s signature songs, ‘Bird on the Wire’ with his family, making a joke by pointing out the similarity between their performance and famous singing family, ‘Von Trapp Family. ‘

As many of you know, ‘Bird on the Wire’ is a widely known song by Leonard Cohen which took place in his second studio album, ‘Songs from a Room’ and released in April 1969. Cohen himself has described the track as a simple country song, however, the track found itself a place among the timeless classics over time.

David Gilmour’s family often gathers around in order to perform legendary songs together and David shared those special moments on his official Instagram page. The lovely family even shared a Christmas special episode for their ‘Von Trapped Family’ performance which fans cannot get enough of.

Recently, David Gilmour shared another video on his official Instagram page revealing his ‘Von Trapped Family’ performing Leonard Cohen’s iconic song ‘Bird on the Wire’ in a cozy environment. While Gilmour shared a portion of the performance, he also revealed that the full performance is available on his official YouTube channel.

Here is what Gilmour said:

“Bird On The Wire

David’s Von Trapped Family performance of Leonard Cohen’s Bird On The Wire is now available on his YouTube channel.”

You can see the Instagram post here and see the full performance below.