David Ellefson Says Dave Mustaine Wasn’t Thrilled To Be Recognized From Metallica

Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson talked about Dave Mustaine’s reaction to being recognized from his Metallica days during a recent conversation with NFR Podcast.

As you might already know, Metallica formed the band with Dave Mustaine, and after a year, the band members decided to kick Dave, and Kirk Hammett joined the band. Afterward, Dave founded Megadeth.

David Ellefson talked about the fame Dave had from his Metallica days and said that it was so cool to see people recognize him. However, it seems like Dave was not happy about that at all.

According to David Ellefson, Dave took this recognition as personal because he thought that people were mocking him for not playing with Metallica anymore, and that’s why he wasn’t thrilled to be known by his days on Metallica.

Here is what David Ellefson said:

“It didn’t take much to set him [Mustaine] off then, especially back in San Francisco, because it was his old haunt with Metallica. He’d have a few beers and a buzz going, and some fan would – sometimes when they would see Dave would, they’d go, ‘Metallica!’

I always thought it was cool, but Dave took it very personally like they were throwing it into his face, like, ‘You were in Metallica, now you are not!’ That’s how he took it.

But I always said, ‘It’s cool, they recognize you from Metallica. It is a good thing.’”

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