David Ellefson: I Ain’t No D.D. Verni, He’s Masterful Songwriter

David Ellefson recently spoke to The Metal Podcast about stepping in for D.D. Verni during Overkill’s upcoming ‘Scorching Latin America 2024’ tour. He reflected on learning the band’s material in a few weeks by saying:

“Look, I’ve gotta say, digging into these songs — they’ve got, what, 20 records out — consistently they have probably made the best, most consistently great albums out of all of us. And I mean, all of us. There’s not a dud in the bunch, you know what I mean? They don’t have a ‘Risk’ or a ‘St. Anger’ anywhere in their catalog. And Exodus has got good stuff too, but I think Overkill, now that I’m really digging into it and really understanding it, it’s just that.”

The bassist then compared himself with Verni:

“And D.D.’s amazing, man. Look, I may be David Ellefson, but I ain’t no D.D. Verni, man. I mean, that guy, he’s a masterful songwriter. His arrangements are killer and his parts are very clever and cool. And so, yeah, it’s got my thrash chops up and it’s an honor to just step in and help them out… Again, we’re all buddies, we’re brothers, and, look, I’m in a position and schedule allows for me to go do it. So, that’s what it is.”

Verni’s Dealing With Health Issues

D.D. Verni won’t be able to play with Overkill due to his ongoing recovery from shoulder surgery. Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth announced the news online in March as follows:

“South, Central America and Mexico, with D.D. on the mend from surgery and the opportunity in front of us, where to go but back to the roots of THRASH! Please welcome Mr. David Ellefson to the Overkill, touring ranks this April 2024! ‘David, can you help?’ The answer: ‘Yes, let’s go!’ We can’t wait to see you guys! Horns up!”

The bassist commented on the ex-Megadeth member replacing him by writing:

“Bummed to not be able to thrash it up with our Latin America fans, but gotta get this wing workin’! But who better than one of the great original thrash bass players and old friend, David Ellefson to fill in.”

Ellefson Was Let In The Band Months Ago

David Ellefson previously revealed to Metal & Rock Zone that the band actually approached him and asked for his help before the end of 2023. He recalled:

“I was kind of put on alert that, ‘Hey, we may need some help.’ And we grew up together, Overkill and Megadeth. I remember the ‘Peace Sells’ tour, Overkill was our direct support. So, we’ve been good friends, all of us.”

The bassist added:

“So, to me, these are brothers in arms. So, when they hit me a few weeks ago about it, I said, ‘Sure. Count me in if you need me to do it.’”

Ellefson made his live debut with Overkill on April 11 at C3 Stage in Guadalajara, Mexico. His next performance with the band will take place on April 15 in San Salvador.