David Crosby Thinks America Is In Serious Trouble, ‘It’s Very Bad’


David Crosby spoke to Loudersound about the current status of the U.S. and revealed his thoughts on the racism that has been growing within the country instead of declining each day. He stated that the situation is not looking good at the moment which might be a danger to the unity of the country in the future.

The co-founder of CSNY and The Byrds, David Crosby has been sharing his opinions on various political and social matters openly on different platforms. Crosby is known for his ideas on the danger of global warming as well as on the danger of certain people who still aren’t aware that ‘racism is dumb.’

In the recent interview he appeared, David reflected on some of the serious problems that America has been dealing with lately. During the conversation, Crosby stated that the Black Lives Matter movement proved that the country hasn’t come very far since the desegregation of the sixties. He also mentioned that it was important to learn how the human race works.

According to Crosby, things aren’t getting any better in the U.S. since there are many people who are indoctrinated into race hatred which created a serious problem for the country. David also stated that he wasn’t sure if the U.S. would be able to continue as one country.

Here are his opinions on racism:

“The murder of George Floyd and the consequent need for the Black Lives Matter movement shows we haven’t come very far since the desegregation of the sixties. You have a large proportion of the population who know that racism is dumb, but…

Look, man, here’s how it works. The human race is like snowflakes, no two human beings are alike, so any group of human beings above, say, a thousand, has got representatives of all types of people. It’s got saints and sinners, it’s got angels and ax murderers, everybody. So there are no ‘black people are bad.’ Black people are all different, just like white people are all different.

There are black people who are angels, there are black people who are murderers, just as there are Mexicans who are wonderful and there are Mexicans who are terrible. That’s how it works. Every ethnicity of a human being is spread across all the groups. So racial prejudice is a fucking joke. It’s just stupid beyond belief. If you’re racially prejudiced it just means that you are too dumb to understand how the human race actually works.

Things aren’t getting any better here, because there’s a whole lot of people who are being indoctrinated into race hatred, and it’s very bad, man. This country is in deep and serious problems. I don’t know if it is going to continue as one country. The two coasts are just not on the same plane as Texas. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.”

He mainly argued that bad people and good people can be present in any race and aren’t tied up to a certain ethnicity. Crosby has been on the music scene for 57 years which makes him a witness of all the racist slurs and discrimination back when the USA was still getting used to giving the same human rights to black people. It is concerning that even after decades, the situation hasn’t gone better in reality.