David Coverdale Reveals The Bassists Jimmy Page Wished To Hire

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page joined forces to create an album in 1993. Coverdale recently spoke to UCR about their debut album ‘Coverdale Page’ and the rockers they considered as bassists for the project back in the day. He recalled:

“Jimmy [Page] and I talked about inviting Chris Squire and the Ox [John Entwistle] — those were two of the contenders for Coverdale-Page. And for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. But the Ox and Chris, they were just breathtaking players.”

Although neither Chris or John fit the bill during that time, David is hopeful that a box set, including previously unreleased tracks, will come to fruition with Page’s input. He added:

“I don’t know who [to give this project to]. But I pray that Jimmy — I think he has potentially exhausted the Led Zeppelin catalog — that he would take something like this on if he was enthused. There’s a couple of tracks that we never got on there, [including] one called ‘Saccharin,’ which is to die for.”

While fans wait for the day Coverdale and Page release the box set with new tracks, Whitesnake have curated a deluxe reissue of 2015’s ‘The Purple Album,’ to commemorate the singer’s three-year tenure with Deep Purple.

‘The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition’ will hit the shelves on October 13th. It will feature a remixed and remastered version of the original album as well as previously unreleased recordings, including the 1972 four-song demo that secured Coverdale the role in the first place. You can find more information about the reissue here.

You can read David Coverdale’s interview with UCR here and listen to ‘Coverdale Page’ below.