David Bowie’s Prophecy About Kanye West That Actually Came True

There are many conspiracy theories in music that catch the attention of both fans and experts. These theories mix together real facts, surprising coincidences, and old stories to create interesting ideas that make us think differently about famous musicians. One popular theory connects David Bowie and Kanye West, two famous artists from different times.

This theory starts with the late rocker’s 1972 album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.’ On the album cover, there’s a sign saying ‘K. West’ above Bowie. This small detail is very important for the theory. The first song on the album, ‘Five Years,’ tells a story about the world almost ending, but a special ‘Starman’ can save it.

The ‘Starman’ Theory And Kanye’s Birth

Five years after this album came out, Kanye was born. This made some people think that Bowie’s ‘Starman’ could actually be West. The idea became more popular with Bowie’s last album, ‘Blackstar.’ In the song ‘Blackstar,’ Bowie sings about someone taking his place after he dies, which some people think means Kanye taking over from Bowie.

The connections don’t end with album titles and birthdates. In his role as a producer, Kanye sampled Bowie’s hit ‘Fame’ in Jay-Z’s single ‘Takeover.’ For theorists, this isn’t just a sample; it’s a hint of West being destined to ‘take over’ Bowie’s legacy. West himself seemed to embrace this role, paying homage to Bowie upon his death in January 2016, acknowledging his lasting impact on the world of music.

Fan Perspectives On Bowie And West

Of course, skeptics are quick to point out the coincidental nature of these connections. The ‘K. West’ sign on Bowie’s album cover, for instance, referred to a real tailor in London at the time. However, for enthusiasts of this theory, these details are mere footnotes in a larger, almost mystical narrative.

Fans on platforms like Reddit have often expressed admiration for both artists, noting their similarities in constant evolution, distinct musical ‘eras,’ and their penchant for controversy. One comment said:

“I’ve always considered Kanye to be this era’s David Bowie. Constant changes in sound, distinct ‘eras,’ and fashion, often controversial, and have been some of the biggest boundary pushers in the mainstream. If only they were able to collaborate, it’d put the Paul McCartney collab to shame.”

Some fans lament the missed opportunity for a collaboration that could have transcended their solo works. Others reflect on the pressures and expectations that Kanye might feel in living up to such a prophetic legacy. Whether these links between Bowie and West are just coincidences or something deeper, the story brings together two influential artists.