Dave Grohl Reflects On The ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claim And How It Doesn’t Apply To Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl‘s recent interview with Rolling Stone revealed that Grohl is proud to be in a rock band like Foo Fighters. In the interview, the singer also expressed his opinion on the ‘rock is dead’ claim and revealed that this is not valid for Foo Fighters.

Back in 2014, KISS’ Gene Simmons made a huge claim by stating ‘rock is dead.’ His idea behind that was the fact that the world isn’t producing legendary rock and roll bands anymore. According to Simmons, the representatives of the genre are now in the past and they will eventually die out while ending rock and roll. Following that, many rock musicians disagreed with his comments including Taylor Momsen and Lzzy Hale.

Simmons had also claimed that the media channels are now looking for the ‘it’ genres like hip hop, pop, or rap instead of rock. Indeed, the popularisation of dance and rap music made the producers want to screen those genres instead of the good old blues and rock. However, according to many, this doesn’t mean rock is dead.

According to Dave Grohl, if rock is really dead, then Foo Fighters are the band that is not affected by it as they still get called to perform with pop culture icons. In the interview by Rolling Stone, Grohl also explained that Foo Fighters have always been a go-to band. Moreover, he added that he thinks rock music is starting to be popular again.

Here is what the Rolling Stone interviewer asked David Grohl:

“As the years have gone by and rock acts have started to fall off the scene, Foo Fighters are really the go-to band in the genre. Are you proud to fly that flag?”

Grohl responded to this question as:

“We’re so blissfully unaware of so much. We live in our own little bubble; we have for so long. We just go to our studio and record and write and work on our projects and then come out and play the shows. I do remember ages ago, in 2002, we played at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Spain. I think Puff Daddy was hosting, and it was like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Coldplay, and us. And it seemed pretty clear at that point that they thought, ‘Ah, we need a rock band. Who should we get? Just get the Foo Fighters. They’re a rock band.’ So it’s been that way for a really long time, but I love being a rock & roll band.

We’re not the only ones. There are so many fucking great bands out there that hopefully will start getting more attention. I think the dial is starting to turn back to guitar-based music. And to me, it’s really exciting. My love of music is really diverse — I like everything from jazz to K-pop. I’m down; I’m into it. But when I see the younger artists picking up guitars and turning them up, it shines a little light inside of me. It makes me feel happy.”

Even though the singer has a diverse taste in music, it seems rock and roll makes him the happiest and shines a little light on him when the new generations play the guitar. As you know, Grohl has never been a full-on rock and roll lifestyle kind of rockstar. He is more known for being cheerful, fun, and full of life as he saw how all the reckless partying and addictions cause everything to go downhill with Nirvana. Regardless of his cheerful personality, unlike many other rockstars, he is known as one of the best rock musicians in the world.